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Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit!

SOAR represents more than rising or aspiring to a higher or more exalted level.  SOAR is about digging deep within ourselves to Supersede Obstacles and Adversities Relentlessly in order to tap into our true potential and live the life that we envision for ourselves.  SOAR Optimum Performance and Wellness is a holistic sport, health, and wellness company based in Reston, Virginia whose mission is to motivate, empower, educate, and inspire people to live healthy, active, and balanced lives every day!  

We are a dedicated team of healthcare and fitness professionals with backgrounds in Sport and Fitness Training, Nutrition, and Yoga, in addition to Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching, who share a passion for helping others on their health and wellness journey.  Our years of education, specialized training, and experience COMBINED with compassion and a supportive environment sets us apart from others in the health industry.     

We feel deeply honored to work with each and every one of our clients and are committed to helping everyone attain their personal goals safely, effectively, and efficiently.  We do not subscribe to a one size fits all training system or mindset and fervently embrace the one-on-one and small group training modules to help everyone SOAR at their own pace.