Train with an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated trainer who will collaborate with you in setting achievable short and long-term goals.  Focused tailored private or semi-private training sessions can assist with:

  • improving core strength and endurance
  • being proactive in combating health issues that often accompany aging such as osteoporosis, balance challenges, improving mental acuity, muscle loss and fall prevention training
  • increasing muscle mass 
  • losing the weight that has compromised your health and perhaps has impeded your opportunities to live an active life.
  • improving in joint mobility and stability
  • improving sleep patterns and managing stress
  • reducing the risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and stroke

We utilize a variety of training modalities and tools based on your individual needs and goals.  Always keeping the mind and body engaged and challenged during your training sessions.

You will receive motivational texts or emails to keep you focused before your next session from your trainer. 

You will have nutrition guidance and ongoing support.  This provides an accountability structure to ensure you are able to make the necessary modifications in order to reach your nutrition goals. Separate services are available to help create a food plan, assist with food selection, and preparation.


COMMIT 2 GETTING FIT: C2GF  is a popular and unique semi-private training program designed exclusively for couples seeking a comprehensive health and wellness program. Making healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices are not always easy but when you’re a team, your chance for success is greater with built in accountability and support from each other.  Work with a trainer and nutrition specialist to create a manageable plan that you can incorporate into your lives.  Call for more details and how you and your partner can get started.

Semi-Private Sessions are a good solution for couples, roommates, or co-workers who would like to have the camaraderie of training together. Studio and at home semiprivate rates available.


Our small group training classes are SMALL for a reason.

Our mission at SOAR is to ensure everyone has a positive training experience where you are not lost in the numbers!  Keeping our classes to a max. of 10 participants is our way of giving you personal attention to help you achieve your fitness goals while training safely and providing a supportive and intimate environment.

We offer a variety of classes to suit your training style and level of experience while encouraging you to also step outside of your comfort zone to try something new and challenging.

*Classes are offered at various locations.  Please call for more information.


TRX is a total body suspension training system designed to improving strength, power, endurance, flexibility, and mobility.
You’re in control!  Delivering a customized experience with every class.

TRX BASICS  This 45-minute foundation class introduces you to the TRX suspension system and how to use it safely and effectively before you can progress to a full workout. The BASICS class is essential to learn how the system works, from simple strap adjustments for easy transitions from exercise to exercise, focusing on correct alignment, core engagement, and proper body mechanics leading to improved body awareness.  All key elements necessary to strengthen and maintain balance in the body.  It is a prerequisite to TRX 100, TRX CORE-FUSION

TRX 100 Building on the basic principles of movement and stabilization from TRX BASICS, Get your body moving and transitioning from exercise to exercise more efficiently.

TRX CORE-FUSION Jump start your morning with this creative and dynamic circuit class. It is designed for those who want a high intensity interval style workout blending functional movement exercises and drills that ignite entire your body. This class incorporates the use of other training tools in addition to the TRX, keeping your mind and body ignited.. A great way to super charge your day!


OOTB TRAINING Out of the Box Training is a class that meets at parks and other outdoor venues encourage women to step outside and break free of the ‘exercise only in the gym mentality”.

Click the Meet up icon to reserve your space. Location changes are posted on the site and updated regularly. You will also receive email updates for the group once you join this MEETUP group.

FITHOUSE Bring the power of fitness to you and your friends in your neighborhood. It only takes 4 committed people to create a FITHOUSE where a trainer comes to your home providing a personal training experience on a budget.  No equipment necessary!


Call for more information regarding this program.



We offer comprehensive fitness and wellness solutions for progressive companies who are interested in creating inviting, inspiring, and motivating workspaces to optimize the health and productivity for their employees.

Call us to discuss how your company can implement a customized holistic health and wellness program or to enhance your existing health and wellness plan with the addition of any of the following services or classes.

Small Group Training Classes

Amp up the Burn with HIIT
Outdoor Fit Challenge
TRX Kettlebell Fusion


Any of these may be offered at your facility before, during, and/or after work hours. Alternating classes to offer a variety is welcomed and highly recommended.

Team Training for Charity

Raising money for charities with 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Marathon training can be a great team building activity while getting heart healthy at the same time!

Note: For half and full marathon training, please contact us to determine which training program would be ideal based on the participants' fitness level and running history. Time to lace up your running shoes and run for a cause!


Classes are taught by 200-YTT - 500 YTT Yoga Alliance certified instructors. Many businesses with wellness programs are embracing the mind-body discipline of yoga and seeing fantastic improvements in the overall health of the participants.

Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, and Yin are a few styles of yoga offered before, during, or after workday hours. The instructor will offer modifications based on the individual's experience.

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Fitness Training is not enough. Nutrition and Wellness Coaching is an essential component of any successful health and wellness program. Clients work 1 on 1 with an assigned wellness coach to identify areas in dietary and lifestyle habits that need improving. Coaches offer guidance and support to maintain focus on WHOLE health and wellness.

Lunch and Learn Lecture Series

These are educational and motivational lunch events held monthly at the worksite. 45-minute presentations vary in subject matter and requests for specific health, fitness, and lifestyle topics are welcomed.

These sessions allow for Q&A time and are a great way to spark a conversation that will motivate attendees to begin making lifestyle changes on their quest to create a healthier and more balanced life.

Retreat to Restore

We offer adventure filled fitness and restorative yoga retreat options at various locations in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Call us to customize a retreat for your organization.