Are you having difficulty staying motivated and focused as you work to integrate the key elements of health and wellness necessary to balance your life?

We believe that one-on-one wellness coaching is among the most effective approaches to helping people and requires conscious effort to make and sustain improvements. The relationship between a coach and client offers a profound level of support, guidance, and encouragement to making changes, without being judgmental. Your coach will enable change by focusing your stated agenda including needs, values, vision, and goals and help you to feel and be your best. We provide instruction and mentoring for our clients, and help them set goals, define an action plan, and navigate the path until they reach their goals.

Wellness Coaching could help if you are …

  • Ready to take responsibility to make and sustain changes in an at least one area of wellness (fitness, nutrition, lifestyle habits/stress
  • management)
  • Ready to honestly share personal information that is relevant to wellness and addressing obstacles
  • Ready to become more self aware and be held accountable
  • Open to suggestions and trying new things

We offer one-on-one and online wellness counseling.

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Healthy Eating is Not a Diet. It’s a Lifestyle

We believe in the healing power of food and embrace an “eat from the earth” philosophy.

In a recent survey conducted this year (2017) by the International Food Information Council Foundation, approximately 80% of consumers, said they encounter conflicting information about what to eat and what to avoid. This should not be a surprising statistic since we are constantly bombarded by bias research and misleading information that is on social media, television, magazines, and infomercials for food and supplements endorsed by celebrities and professional athletes’.

Break free of the diet myths out there and gain some insight into what your body and mind need to perform optimally. Consider one of our services and start feeling and seeing the change in your health… and in your life.


Initial Consultation and Evaluation

Begin learning how to nourish your body the way that is best for YOU. Schedule your consult and dietary intake evaluation, start setting specific goals and establish a realistic timeline to attain them.

Receive support and develop strategies to use in the grocery store, kitchen, at work, and on holiday. This service complements the variety of training services offered and is highly recommended to attain your health and wellness goals
effectively and efficiently.

Online nutrition consulting is also available.

Lunch and Learn Lectures for CWP

Corporate Wellness Programs may consider hosting monthly L and L lecture events for employees. Choose from a variety of titles to inspire and motivate your team to implement healthy eating habits into their busy lives.

(See Corporate Wellness Tab under Fitness Training services.)

Sports Nutrition Lectures for TEAMS

How many athletes know what they need to nutritionally improve their training and performance in competition? How much hydration is necessary to safely and optimally train and compete? What are the best options available to refuel effectively while on the playing field?

Nutrition Workshops are held at different times of the year at different locations. Check our events page and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information and new classes and services offered. If you are interested in booking a workshop for your group, please contact us!

We look forward to meeting you!


Begin Your Yoga Journey

Yoga is a rich ancient science, with the word yoga coming from the sanskrit root “yuj”, to join, or to link. The practice of yoga can take you from the ordinary to the sacred, from the mundane to an awakened sense of self. By balancing the body, mind and spirit, yoga can give you the tools to live consciously and with awareness.

What can yoga do for you?

Benefits you may reap from a regular practice:

  • Improved inner organs, glandular, and nervous system functions
  • Improved and increase blood flow/circulation
  • Increased vitality and endurance
  • Increased musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion
  • Prevent cartilage and joint breakdown.
  • Increase in overall strength and resiliency
  • Improved Sleep patterns
  • Boost in immunity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • A decrease in chronic muscular and joint pain
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Improved concentration and memory

Private Sessions

There are a number of reasons why scheduling a one-on- one session could be the ideal solution for you:

  • You can never find a class that is convenient with your schedule.
  • You desire a more customized guided practice
  • You need more attention for specific health challenges or recovering from an injury or post surgery/rehab.
  • You feel a little anxious and nervous about trying something new in a class setting.  Not knowing what to do and what to expect can be scary and sometimes intimidating when others around you appear confident and calm.  A few sessions may be all you need to mentally and physically prepare you for taking that step into the classroom.  Addressing those questions and  concerns that keep you from moving forward.


Individual Session: 85.00

6 Session Pack: 450.00

12 Session Pack: 840.00

Semi-Private (two participants)
50.00/ Semi-Private (per person)

Small Group (3-5 participants)
35.00/ per student

YOGA SOAR SPECIAL: 3 Session package offered only for those wanting a little “Preparation/Tutorial” before signing up for studios group classes. Covering all the “What ifs” that are keeping you from stepping onto your mat. Put your mind at ease and begin at your pace. You’ll be ready for take off into the wonderful world of yoga. Sign up with a friend for bigger savings.

210.o0 for private instruction

120.00/ per person in semi-private




This Hatha yoga directs your focus on postural alignment in asanas (postures)while synchronizing breath and moving in a conscious and slow-paced manner. Holding asanas through a number of breath cycles as you slowly make transitions. This guides the student through a mindful practice and is ideal for the beginner. A good introduction to yoga.

Vinyasa Flow

An energizing practice with a dynamic approach to sequencing postures with the breath, in a fluid movement pattern. This flow class typically begins with a sun salutation warm-up series, emphasizing the importance of connecting breath with movement. Modifications are always offered to assist you in your personal practice.

Yoga for Athletes

Designed specifically for athletes to address body imbalances often created by participation in specific sports. This class focuses on the union of form, balance, breath and movement to improve an athletes performance that will also translate into other areas of life. Adding another dimension to physical and mental training that athletes are unfamiliar with but undoubtedly will improve their performance in training and in competition. An excellent class for injury prevention.

ATTENTION COACHES: Class can also be implemented at any sports training site. Ask us about how you can fine tune and enhance your athletes’ training.


A service offered as part of the FIT HOUSE series. Health and Wellness begins at home and in your neighborhood. FIT HOUSE
Yoga is an alternative way of incorporating yoga into you and your family’s life without leaving your home.
A SOAR yoga instructor will visit you weekly and lead classes specific to your preferences and needs.
Avoid having to drive during peak hours doubling your travel time to attend class.

Your home becomes the studio! We also invite you to create a
FIT HOUSE with your friends and/or neighbors.
Everyone can commit to get FIT, mind body and spirit by using our training and yoga services, TOGETHER!
Get the personalized attention you need to begin living a healthy and balanced life.

Call for FIT HOUSE program details and rates
Creating a Group FIT HOUSE reduces your individual cost by sharing the instructor fee.