The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. - Vince Lombardi

Training without a comprehensive program will lead to disappointments, frustrations, and possibly injury. Call us to discuss how we can help you elevate your performance with our training services

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Movement Screening

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Strength Conditioning

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Sports Nutrition

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Mind Body Restoration

Movement Screening and Assessment

Assessing foundational movement and sport specific basic skills, and reviewing an athletes injury history is paramount prior to creating a strength and conditioning program. Compensatory movement patterns can be detected at this time and this process serves as a useful tool in designing an individualized program that implements corrective exercises and drills in addition to the strength building component of the training plan.

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Young woman doing battle rope exercises in gym

Strength and Conditioning Training

A customized training program can be designed once results from the M.S.A. have been reviewed. Program will include a focus on the following based on sport.

Speed, agility, and quickness training
Plyometrics and power
Core training for ALL
Joint integrity
Hand-eye coordination and reaction drills
Sports Nutrition

Nutrition Guidance

Learn the basics to ensure consuming a balanced and nutrient dense diet, as well as proper hydrating based on the demands of sport. Poor nutrition combined with an unhealthy lifestyle not only has an adverse affect on training/performance but can also contribute to chronic fatigue (both physical and mental), can increase the possibility for injury, and may also compromise the body’s immune system. Consulting and working with our Sports Nutrition Specialist can not only help improve the quality of your training sessions and competition day.

Healthy lifestyle choice concept. Fresh green vegetables and fruit shaped as human head face as symbol of good nutrition.
Handsome Athletic Young Man Doing Side Planking with Foam Roller on his Thigh.

Mind Body Restoration

Take time to fine tune the body and mind with Visual Imagery exercises. Goal setting, imagery or visualization is a term that’s familiar to most individuals and athletes. Visualization is helpful in creating a desired outcome or experience in your mind. 
V. I. can help athletes with the following:

• Build confidence and mental strength
• Learn and perfect technical sport specific skills
• Prepare for competition
• Manage anxiety and other emotions
• Develop or maintain motivation

Restorative modalities such as yoga, deep tissue massage, and self myofascial release therapy can enhance performance and should be incorporated into the athlete’s training schedule if possible. If you are a coach and you are interested in implementing yoga training for your athletes, give us a call to schedule a session for all of your athletes. We will come to your facility.